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San Pedro de Atacama
What can we do for you?
The simple answer to “What can we do for you?” is: take away the hassle.
Our speciality is to design custom (or bespoke) travel itineraries to your personal requirements.
Think of us as your personal travel organiser as you would by having an interior designer for your house or a professional gardener for your garden. We are a supplier with specialist knowledge and trusted partners at the destination.
Using our maintained and frequently-updated local knowledge we will select the right hotel for your taste and budget, and then suggest tours and activities as well as the right time frame for your stay.
We can also just make a hotel reservation and / or book a car rental.
In addition to our overall service we are also often in a position to offer a credit towards certain reservations made through us.
Should you be visiting the rest of Chile and / or Argentina, we can also build a full travel itinerary.
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