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Rent a Car San Pedro de Atacama
In reality, not many people take a car rental for this destination. This is largely because the environment has potential hazards and the excursions and tours can be sourced easily from local agencies.
However, if you are a competent driver, can drive long distances in very remote areas and wish to have the freedom of going where you want, when you want then we can arrange a rent a car either with pick-up from Calama (the airport you will arrive to) or from San Pedro de Atacama itself.

We can build a travel itinerary, with hotel reservations as well as car rental. Just email us.
*It is important to note that there is only one, very small petrol (gas) station in San Pedro de Atacama and this often runs out of fuel. It is essential, therefore, that you have a full tank of fuel before departing Calama and fill up as soon as you can in San Pedro de Atacama.
If you drive you must be aware of the dangers and take extra water, warm clothes and check that the car does have a spare wheel, a car jack and that you know how to use it BEFORE setting off. People do break down, run out of water and get cold. We personally know of an Englishman who almost lost his life when he became stuck in a dried out river bed. The reality is that you are in a desert and a long way from help.
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