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Luxury Hotel Accommodation San Pedro de Atacama
What do we mean by “luxury”, in terms of accommodation?

The reality is that there are many types of hotel offering totally different styles and varying degrees of comfort and all-round professional service.

A hostel, for example, will offer the minimum, often putting strangers in a dorm room, on basic bedding and providing communal shower rooms. This is not considered anywhere near close to luxury.

The next level up can be considered to be a mid-level establishment. A hotel that is decent, with rooms that have en-suite shower or bathrooms, but nothing particularly special. This is not considered to be luxury.

The top level, and therefore the luxury level are the few hotels that offer spacious rooms, quality beds and bedding, en-suite bathrooms, restaurants offering quality cuisine, professional staff attending to your needs; robust and comfortable vehicles for transfers and excursions; bilingual guides who are educated and informed; interior décor and furniture of a superior quality to the norm; a swimming pool and other guest facilities; the personal touch and an overall style that offers the “wow” factor.
In San Pedro de Atacama these establishments are in our luxury category:
Awasi, Explora and Alto Atacama hotel.
These hotels are considered among the very best hotel travel experiences in the World, each one having been featured as a unique hotel with superior facilities and services than the standard hotel.
If you have the budget we can recommend in earnest that you let us book you into one of these places. If we do so, we will include, free of charge, a night in a 5-star hotel (or closest to this level) in any city in Chile or Argentina (to a maximum room value of USD250) – and this is in addition to any offer the hotel may include in the reservation.
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